Dr. Botros Rizk has written and published 28 books on infertility and reproductive medicine. Twelve of his books were published by Cambridge University, the leaders in medical publications over the last two centuries. Additionally, he edited and published six medical textbooks through CRC/Taylor and Francis in London. One of the unique features of these six books is that they are a compilation of his personal cases throughout nearly 40 years of practicing in women’s reproductive health and infertility.

Dr. Rizk was mentored by Nobel laureate, Robert G Edwards (the inventor of IVF), and completed his prestigious fellowship in reproductive medicine in London and Cambridge. Afterwards, Dr. Rizk joined Cambridge University medical school and Addenbrooke’s hospital (the internationally renowned teaching and research hospital in Cambridge) as senior registrar and clinical lecturer.

We are proud to have Dr. Rizk and his almost 4 decades of reproductive expertise at Grace Women’s Center of Baytown as we offer the highest qualifications of infertility services in America.