Medical Aesthetic Services

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Brighten And Refresh Your Skin


Nourish your skin with a cocktail of exfoliating, refreshing nutrients that offer beautiful results! Facials help soften and smooth your skin, helping you remove common issues like dryness, sagging, pockmarked complexion, and more. Our unique facial formula sinks deep into your skin layers to improve both the appearance and health of your skin.

Also Offering the Latest Trend: Vampire Facials

Using the latest PRP technology, you can add collagen and plumpness to your sagging skin! Our specialists will use your own blood cells to create a PRP mask that we’ll apply to your face. The platelets in the mask boost skin volume, elasticity, and texture. As a result, you’ll enjoy beautiful and young skin again. We are a licensed provider for all vampire procedures!



A popular choice for erasing fine lines and wrinkles, injectables are one of the many services we offer here. Our center is a certified provider of injectables like BOTOX and more. Our injectables help add framework and structure to your face, restoring the volume that is lost over time. We offer several injectables that can add a sculpted, youthful look to your skin.


Skincare Products

Your skin should be something you maintain at home, not just at the salon. Grace Women's Center & Medical Aesthetics equips you with all the tools and products necessary for beautiful, spa-like skin. We have partnered with ZO Skincare, a trusted brand, to provide you with a full suite of skincare serums and treatments! Pick up your next nighttime moisturizer or acne treatment here.



Sometimes dieting and exercise isn’t enough to get rid of your stubborn fat deposits. CoolSculpting, a non-invasive and FDA-approved treatment, offers a solution. CoolSculpting’s fat-destroying cooling energy pinpoints fat cells under your skin layers, breaks them down, and flushes them out of your system. Your surrounding tissue will stay safe and healthy, and your treatments will be comfortable and non-invasive.

Because we’re a certified provider of CoolSculpting procedures, we can get you one step closer to the body you’ve been working towards.


Chemical Peels

Refresh your skin by removing old, dead cells from your hands, face, or neck. Our chemical peels encourage dead skin cell turnover and stimulate the growth of fresh, new skin. Regular treatments may be able to clear up age spots, dark spots, and more. 


Laser Hair Removal

Regular waxing and shaving can feel like a chore. Laser hair removal helps eliminate this chore through advanced technologies that can stop hair growth from your legs, armpits, upper lip, and more. This procedure targets your hair follicles and inhibits their growth, preventing the hair from growing back for extended periods. As a certified provider of laser hair removal, our team can ensure that you will enjoy smooth, hair-free skin that doesn’t require weekly upkeep.


Medical Weight Loss

There are hundreds of fad diets and weight loss programs out there, but the practitioners running those programs don’t understand the science behind the human body. We are a certified provider of medical weight loss, and our programs focus on tried-and-true scientific principles for nutrition, exercise, and more. All medical weight loss programs are supervised by a physician, and you can even enjoy our award-winning swimming pool during the program.